TeleSecure is able to provide experienced consultants as fishing liaison officers (FLO) when the following types of work are being undertaken:

  • Inshore and offshore geophysical surveys
  • Pre Lay installation surveys
  • Pre Lay grapnel runs
  • Installation and burial activities
  • Post installation maintenance surveys

Activities undertaken by the FLO include the following:

  • Creation of Fishing Liaison Mitigation plans
  • Liaison with stakeholders including government departments, fishing organisations and Crown Estates
  • Ensuring that routes are kept clear of creel pots
  • Claims processing
  • Notice to Mariners

For detailed information such as Notice to Mariners, please click on the Project tab above and select the project of interest

TeleSecure has provided Fishing Liaison consultancy on the following projects:

  • IFA2 – The second England – France power cable
  • Beaulieu to Isle of Wight 132kv power cable
  • Caithness to Moray DC power cable
  • Caithness to Shetland DC power cable
  • Western Isles DC power cable
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