Services Feasibility / Desk Studies

At the design stage of a project, clients wish to select an initial route or routes for the cable or pipeline. The selection of a suitable route involves research into the following:

  • Landing sites
  • Shipping patterns
  • Fishing patterns
  • Permitting requirements for survey and installation
  • Environmental constraints
  • Existing cables and pipelines
  • Meteorology, currents and tides
  • Seismology
  • Geology
  • Geomorphology including seabed types

Once the landing sites are selected, a consultant will visit each one to assess their suitability. Information is obtained locally on the following:

  • Beach erosion and the general state of the beach both at high and low water
  • Access to the beach
  • Local facilities
  • Fishing patterns
  • Shipping patterns
  • Other offshore stakeholders including dredging
  • Local permitting requirements including environmental constraints

A complete photographic record is kept.

The desk study report contains all relevant information on the selection of:

  • The landing sites
  • The route
  • Pipe / cable types together with their lengths
  • Burial considerations
  • Recommendations on survey specifications

TeleSecure has undertaken many desk studies over the last ten years, a selection of these is given below:

  • East Anglia Offshore Windfarm (EAOW) Export Routes – Scottish Power / Vattenfall
  • Hunterston to Kintyre AC cable routes – Scottish and Southern Energy
  • Western Isles DC cable route – Scottish and Southern Energy
  • Highlands and Islands Broadband Program – Global Marine Systems / B.T.
  • General Offshore, U.K – Canaries Desk Study
  • Global Marine Systems, Indonesia – Desk Study, PT Eigen System
  • Global Marine Systems, Eastern Mediterranean – Desk Study, Israel to Cyprus & Cyprus to Turkey