TeleSecure is able to provide experienced consultants to undertake burial assessment studies (BAS).

Post survey, clients often wish to commission a BAS to determine the required depth of burial for the cable dependent on a number of factors as follows:

  • The bathymetry, seabed morphology and shallow geology along the route as found during the survey
  • The risk to the cable from fishing, rogue anchoring, sediment mobility and seismology

The BAS contains information on fishing types along the route, the equipment used and the likely penetration into the seabed given the survey information.

The study also contains information on the type and numbers of ships that cross over the route. This is obtained from AIS data. Information is given on the likely size of anchor that these vessels will use and their penetration into the seabed given the seabed conditions indicated from the survey.

This information is used with a burial protection index (BPI) to determine recommended burial depths and the overall risk of damage to the cable.

The following are typical of the BAS projects that Telesecure has undertaken:

  • Hunterston to Kintyre AC cable route for SSE
  • Orkney to Caithness AC cable route for SSE
  • EAOW cable export routes (6)