TeleSecure is able to provide experienced consultants to undertake installation consultancy during cable and pipeline installation projects. Areas covered by this can involve the following:

  • Load out of cable and load off of spare cable
  • Vessel audits
  • Shore pulls
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Pre-ploughing
  • Dredging
  • Cable and pipeline installation
  • Post-lay burial including ploughing, jetting and rock placement
  • Mattressing
  • Post-lay survey including out of straightness surveys (OSS)
  • Bundle tow outs

TeleSecure has provided installation consultancy on the following projects:

  • Bacton to Den Helder 36” Gas Pipeline for Gas Unie of Holland
  • Repair of the Thanet Wind Farm Export Cable for Vattenfall
  • Orkney domestic AC cable for SSE
  • Outer Hebrides domestic AC cable for SSE
  • Replacement Mainland to Isle of Wight AC cable for SSE