TeleSecure is able to provide experienced consultants to undertake marine consultancy during the planning of a cable installation project. Areas covered by this can involve the following:

  • Burial analysis and methodology
  • Shore approach and landing methodology
  • Third party cable and pipeline crossings
  • Management of third party stakeholders
  • HSE including HAZOP and HAZID analysis
  • Procedure review
  • Post-lay survey scope

TeleSecure's clients have found that appointing TeleSecure as marine consultants six to eight months before cable installation is very beneficial to the project as the whole planning process can be monitored from a broad overall approach down to detailed planning.

TeleSecure is also able to provide a fishing liaison officer (FLO) during the planning process. The FLO is normally associated with the following tasks:

  • Establishing links with local fisheries groups in support of offshore activities
  • Advise on any static fishing gear in place along the cable route
  • Inform local fisheries groups of any ongoing and planned work in the area
  • Advise on any matters referred by relevant government departments, harbour authorities and fisheries groups and advise where necessary on a coordinated response and action measures.
  • Advise on any sensitive fisheries issues in the proposed area of operations.
  • Review existing draft marine license conditions for the project and advise/assist in redrafting/rewording
  • Review all project specific fisheries data.
  • Investigating and close out any fishing claims
  • Attend meetings with third parties such as MMO, Marine Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and others
  • Provide advice and/or arrange for fishing studies to be conducted
  • Prepare and maintain a database of local fisherman’s groups, associations and individual fisherman likely to be affected by the works
  • Responsible for liaison between fishing organisations

TeleSecure's most recent projects as marine consultants have been:

  • Hunterston to Kintyre AC cable for SSE
  • Replacement of the Mainland to Isle of Wight AC cable for SSE